My name is Tim Zeidner, and I’m running for Congress with the United Utah Party because the two-party system is broken and doesn’t represent the values of the people of Utah. In Congress, I’ll fight for free trade, term limits, and common-sense immigration reform —   without a wall.

I’m not your typical candidate. I’m not because I’m mostly a typical citizen, just like you.

Just like you I try to be a good neighbor and a good friend. I do my best as a husband and a father, but I fail a lot. But my family is always my first priority – and being better for them is my daily effort. As a result, I am a reluctant candidate, because I’m not a politician, and my wife and kids didn’t really sign up for me to become one. But as my family and I have talked (a lot) together, we realize that I’m doing this as something of the anti-politician, the citizen representative. I’m running to be a voice for people just like you and me. I’m running out of civic duty, not out of self-interest or because I have the hubris to believe that I am the best person to do this.

I am running because, like most of you, I feel like the biggest thing missing in how we are governed right now is… us. More often than not it seems that our “representatives” have gone to the ideological and moral extremes and have resorted to demonizing the “other” in order to strengthen the tribe that “we” belong to. Well, the tribe we all belong to is each other. The “us vs. them” seems calculated to score points and to demonstrate loyalty. But this is a Faustian bargain, a deal with the devil, that in trying to show how committed we are to our own singular point of view, we are tearing apart the fabric of civility, of kindness, and of compromise that made, and makes, this country great.

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