My platform is ambitious. I am running to restore common sense to our governing once again. That is not easy in the age we live in. And I doubt I’ll make make too many friends without pledges of loyalty of one type or another. But I’m not seeking your vote in order to make friends. I am seeking to represent you in order to restore the most basic elements of our society into our governance again. My loyalty is to the give-and-take that truly represents how we are governed. It is to combining the best ideas, wherever they come from, that meet the needs of the vast majority.

So, where do I stand?

On EDUCATION I stand for re-enthroning the importance of teachers, teachers who sign up for the job because they feel a call to help our children. The vast majority of this takes place in the public sector – so it’s time to stop undercutting the vital role of public schools and invest more in those who are shaping our children, our future. At the same time, it is important that in doing the best for our children we live by standards. Whether those standards are developed at the state or the federal level, it is important to measure how we are doing and to work constantly towards areas we can improve.

On IMMIGRATION I stand for treating others humanely even as we work to solve the challenge of illegal immigration. It seems the best step forward, perhaps the most common word in my beliefs, is to work together and compromise. There is no doubt that we need security on our borders. What is in doubt is the best way to ensure that. I’m not sure that walls have ever been THE answer – either for deterrence or for protection. Rather, it seems that we can work with our neighbors, like Mexico, to solve a problem they share with us, and invest in solutions that will have longevity. If we can help to solve some of the underlying causes for illegal immigration, perhaps we can help others to have a life that isn’t so threatened that they are willing to risk their own lives in treacherous journeys just to find safety and peace. We need security and law – and the best way forward is to collaborate on solving fundamental problems rather than demonizing groups of people, that but for the grace of God, would be us.

On TAXATION I believe that the federal government should be held to the same standard that state and local governments (and family households) are held to – a balanced budget. Mandating our government to only spend as much as it receives requires real accountability for how tax dollars are used and forces cooperation in creating the budget. We can’t pay for everything – and right now we don’t even pretend to try. We simply spend way beyond our means and vilify the important role of taxes paying for important domestic programs and security. No one I know believes this is how a responsible government should be run. Regular assessments and accountability for how our taxes are being used is essential to this reform.

On REPRESENTATION I believe that every vote should actually count. How many times have you been told that in Utah your vote doesn’t really count? How much does that discourage or suppress your desire to make your voice heard? The best way to ensure this is through ranked choice voting (RCV). Ranked choice voting promotes majority support, discourages negative campaigning (because you want to be people’s second choice if you’re not their first) and really allows for your vote, your voice, to count by eliminating vote splitting.

Additionally, I believe the vast majority want their representatives to represent THEM – not their party or the lobbyists that infuse their campaigns with money. In short, I believe in terms limits – like a limit of 8 years (4 terms) for a House member and 12 years (two terms) for a Senator.

One slogan that became very popular among many in the 2016 campaign was “drain the swamp.” I think that resonates with people because they want someone to represent the majority voice, not special interests. The best way to drain the swamp of pay-to-play politics is to get rid of the “bait.” The bait is career politicians whose campaigns are funded by those who want to keep their grip on favorable legislation and tax policies. Career politics may be the strongest predictor of losing real representation in our governing system. George Washington both modeled and sought to set the precedent for how our government should work – perform your civic duty then step aside so that others can serve in that representative role as well.